this is the COOL ZONE! where i show the coolest people ALIVE!! and dedicate cool SMALL FROGS to them!! :O

SHAY !!!

this FROG IS SMALL AND COOL AND IS DEDICATED TO SHAY also known as shay ypy (such a cool name) THE OWNER OF BOOB.PLACE ??!?!?!? thank you for the KIND AND LOVELY RECEPTION in your server and WEBSITE!?!??!?! AND CONGRATULATIONS ON OWNING A ~PURPLE~ HOODY


THIS BEAUTFUL BLUE frog is FOR YOU~!! gymbal !!!! YOU ARE SO COOL AND you are so ncie too!!! I WILL GIVE YOU MINECRAFT ONE DAY i promize!!!

you also HAVE REALLY NICE EYEBROWS!!!! good job KEEP IT UP :D and thanks for sending FROG CONTENT!!


you are SO SEXY so now i will describe multiple (not all, there are too many) ways that you are sexy:

you are BLONDE and it is HOT and even if you re hair is long i still think you ARE SEXY,

two you are FAMOUS on twitter ?!?!?!?! so COOL I AM SO obsessed with that andi think that it is sexy.

THREE you are so nice and kind which is THE SEXIEST THING EVER

:FOUR: you give me BUTTER FLIES in my stomach and i never got that with anyone and that just makes you so sexy

.five you like tiny kity and tthat is more than sexy i love you SO MUCH you are my favourite i dedicate this frog to you and i am SIMPY OBSESSED WITH YOU!!!!! ~~~ i LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THIS IS A TINY FROG FOR soup, FORMALLY (formal) KNOWN as CallMeSoup12!!! not only is SOUP mega lucky for winning the GIVE AWAY!!! he is also incredibly KIND AND NICE AND TALENTED (just like a tiny frog)!!!! SO NICE AND COOL and TALENTED MAY I ADD look at their really GOOD ART~~~ I HAVE appreciation for you and you DESERVE really good things :>

really good pic that soup made for me ♥


I ADORE JASON SO MUCH THEY ARE SO SEXY AND HOT AND NICE AND KIND AND LITERALLY ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET EVER!! not to mention her ART is absolutley PHENOMONAL?!??! HOW do u do it I DONT GET IT!!! I DEDICATE this tiny frog to YOU! and get this you are MEGA COOL cus u already have TWO TOADS?!?!?1 I want two toads :0 yeah HAYCHES adore u and ur toads til death :P

next shoutout soon